Mission & Objectives


The main aim of the CVD Epidemiology and Genetics Research Lab is the production of scientific knowledge and the promotion of research in cardiovascular and related diseases, emphasizing on the epidemiology of atherosclerosis. Specifically the objectives of the Lab are:


Objective 1

To promote research in every aspect of cardiovascular and related diseases, with an emphasis on the epidemiology of atherosclerosis and related risk biomarkers.


Objective 2

The application of research findings in order to improve risk prediction pharmacy online scores both in the European and the Cypriot population.


Objective 3

To further develop a collaboration network with research and governmental bodies, both at the Cypriot as well as the International level. A.P. already has a wide network of collaborators from research institutions that includes the University of Cyprus, University College London and Loyola University in Chicago.


Objective 4

To educate and transfer expertise in epidemiology and cardiovascular disease to the students of both the Department of Nursing and CII, but also to other interested parties.