“Arterial health and our neighborhood. Invitation to participate in a new Research of CUT “

The Cyprus International Institute for Environmental and Public Health and the Department of Nursing of Cyprus University of Technology  announce the launch of aresearch project on the topic “The role of social gradient and area indicators on arterial health”, as part of a doctoral dissertation of Galatia Photiou at the International Institute under the supervision of  Dr. Andrie Panayiotou .The project  will assess the impact of the community social environment, as well as individual characteristics of the community, such as access to parks, pedestrian zones, etc, on the health of the cardiovascular system.

If you have been living in any of the following streets in Limassol for the past 5 years, you are eligible to take part:

1) Palmyras 10) Antaiou 19) Porphyriou Dikaiou 28) Konstantinou   Kanari 37) Road Street 132
2) Kopernikou 11) Ioanni Kyriakide 20) Pamblo Nerounta 29) Tatoiou 38) Georgiou Kalamatianou
3) Electras 12) Elpidos 21) IakovouTombazi 30) 1st of  October 39) Deukalionos
4) Grigori Afxentiou 1 – 23, 2 – 24 13) Epaminondou 22) Elianthemou  31) Charalambou Fteroudi 40) Pyrrou
5) Georgiou Christoforou 14) Simon de Beauvoir (Nikou Pantelidi) 23) Axiou 47 – t.48-t. 32) Achillea Pylioti 41) Karmiou Parodos
6) Giagkou Tornariti 15) Metamorphoseos 24)Amfilochias(Anaximandrou) 33) Kokkinogias (Adamantiou Diamanti) 42) Kalosynis
7) Serifou 16) Georgiou Drosini 25) Kroytser (Ikarou) 34) Fokaias  43) Astronauton
8) Spyrou Loui 17) Inachou 26) Oikonomou Dositheou 35) Thalias (Polymnias / Efterpis) 44) Kassianou
9) Ergasias (Pythagorou Drousioti) 18) Andrea Karkavitsa 27) Vasiliou Alexandrou (Evrou)  36) Patron (Pythagora) 45) Macedonias

During the next few weeks researchers will come by your neighborhood and distribute informational leaflets. Your participation is essential to the success of the project.

For more information you can also visit our  facebook page https://www.facebook.com/cveglab/.

This project has been approved by the National Bioethics Committee.


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